Interview with Marie & Donny Osmond

by Lisa McGarry


For the first time in many years, the Osmond duo will be appearing together in the UK in this hour-long special for ITV1, An Audience with Donny & Marie.

The musical extravaganza, hosted by Donny and Marie, will be based on their hugely successful Las Vegas stage show. They will be singing some old favourites and some new songs in front of a celebrity-packed audience. Here, Donny and Marie talk about the show.


Speaking about how it feels to be back performing in the UK, Donny says, “It was great to be back. It’s always great to feel the
excitement and enthusiasm from our fans in the UK.”

So what made Donny and Marie decide to do the show? Donny answers, “I really enjoyed doing ‘An Audience With…’ back in 2003.

There was no way I was going to turn it down. Plus it’s a great opportunity for us to show the UK audience a bit of our Vegas
show and to sing tracks from our new CD.

Does Donny have a favourite song from the show? “I would say the Stevie Wonder medley. I’ve always admired his music and it’s fun
to dance to.”

Talking about his favourite performance from the evening, Donny says, “Crazy Horses! The audience went crazy as well. The
adrenaline pump was over the top. That’s what showbiz is all about, baby!”

Describing what viewers can expect from the show, he says, “An hour of pure variety. Marie and I not only show the new side of
our careers, but we take the audience back thirty-plus years and sing some of the oldies but goodies.

What does Donny think of his UK fans? “They have been so loyal to me all these years. I look out in the audience and see the faces of fans that have been with me for a long time. I’m pretty lucky to have them.”

Finally, Donny has worked with some fantastic people over the years, but who is the best person he has ever worked with? “That is
very difficult to answer because there have been so many people over the years that I have worked with. In fact, one of my favourite parts of our show in Vegas is at the very end when Marie and I sing ‘Remember When’ and on the huge screen on stage, we show literally hundreds of stars that we have worked with. I’m amazed, even after doing this show for over a year now, how many wonderful stars I’ve associated with.”


So, how did it feel for Marie to be back performing in the UK? “I guess because our heritage is English and Welsh, there is a part of me that feels very at home in the UK. Or, maybe it’s the great shopping in London that makes me feel like I belong!”

What made Marie decide to do the show? “Our ‘Donny & Marie’ show in Las Vegas has audience members from around the world. Our original variety show in the 1970s was dubbed into 17 languages, so we’ve been fortunate to establish a fan base in almost every country. The UK has always been very enthusiastic about all the Osmonds, so when the offer to do ‘An Audience With…’ came in, Donny and I both wanted to figure out a way to make it happen. It wasn’t all too simple, considering that we perform five nights a week in Las Vegas, but it was completely worth the effort.

What was Marie’s favourite song from the show? “For many recording artists, their first number one record holds a sweet space in their hearts and for me that would be Paper Roses. I’m still pleased that I continue to hold the record as the youngest female to have her debut record go to number one. However, at this point, the great thing about doing a show with your name in the title is that ALL of the songs can be your favourites! I’ve been in showbusiness for 47 years. Now, I pick only the songs I love to perform and record.”

What is Marie’s favourite performance from the evening? “It’s always great to watch an audience react to a new song. Vegas Love is one we recorded for our new album. I think it’s got a fresh and catchy sound to it; a possible contender in popularity with the song Viva, Las Vegas, I hope.”

So what can viewers expect from the show? “Fun. Some performances from our Vegas show. Some questions and answers with audience members and two brand new songs from our upcoming album. Donny has had much more opportunity to perform in the UK over the years, because he could tour. For the sake of my kids having as much normality as possible, I try to never be away from them for more than a week at a time for any reason. After taping this show a lot of the audience members were commenting to me that they had no idea about my singing range and my quirky sense of humour. It’s like they were being introduced to the real Marie for the first time. Hopefully, the home viewers will discover aspects of me they didn’t know, yet…even though I’m pretty sure they’ll all be tuning in to see Donny!!

The costumes look great. Which is Marie’s favourite? “I have a fun, fringy beaded black dress that I wear in our Las Vegas show for my Broadway medley. I wore it on stage for the ITV taping during our new numbers ‘Vegas Love’ and ‘You Can Do Anything’. I love that retro-look and the swing of this dress with its hundreds of strands of beads. The only downside is that it weighs about 35 pounds!! But, that’s okay. I can perform and get my weight resistance training done at the same time.

What does Marie think of her UK fans? “Their dedication and enthusiasm is phenomenal. Where would we be without our longtime fans that we think of as friends? Many of them met my parents when they served a mission for our church here in London. So, our UK fans know our family to the core. I grew up without a sister, so I’d love to think that I’ve made some new girl friends in the UK.”

Donny and Marie get on so well and have great fun together. Did anything funny happen while they were recording the show? “I just think it’s funny that you think we get on so well. Well, I guess I’m a much better actress than I thought I was. Kidding! We always have fun on stage. If we have fun, the audience joins in and it’s a party.”

Finally, Marie has worked with some fantastic people. Who does Marie think is the best person she has ever worked with? “I couldn’t possibly pick a best. I feel very blessed to have had a true variety show in the 70’s where we worked with the best in every area of entertainment. Lucille Ball gave me incredible insight about being a woman in showbusiness, but the list of professionals we had the opportunity to work with and learn from, from Frank Sinatra to Groucho Marx to Andy Williams to Paul

Lynde, was an incredible experience. Donny and I also debuted Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on our talk show.”