Is Justin Bieber seriously joining the new Batman vs Superman movie as Robin?

by Martin


Justin Bieber looks set to take on an acting role if his Tweets and Instagram feeds are anything to go by.

It may be a prank (fingers crossed anyway) but Justin Bieber may have landed himself the role of Batman’s sidekick Robin in the upcoming ‘Batman vs Superman’ movie where Ben Affleck will play Batman.

The movie, which is the sequel to ‘Man of Steel’ is due to be released in 2015 and while we don’t know all that much about the plot – though we can take a guess it appears Warner Bros have cast the young musician to feature alongside Affleck and Cavill.

Though it may just be a prank, though the below picture looks fairly legit (I know I know, you can work wonders in photoshop) it could make sense as to why Warner Bros would want to cast the star. Dollar signs anyone?.

Justin Bieber posted a snap on his Instagram account yesterday of him in the mirror holding what looks like a script for the ‘Batman vs Superman’ movie with the hashtag ‘#Robin’.


The teenage heartthrob has openly admitted in the past being a fan of the caped crusader and if the above picture is anything to go by it looks like he could be about to move away from music for the time being.

Hours before posting the Instagram shot Justin tweeted about how he was off to do something “funny… or die” which leads us to believe that this whole thing could just be a prank and I’m sure millions of Batman fans across the world are hoping it is.

If we look closer at the Instagram picture we can see the script shows the movie as being based on ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Falls’ but apparently Robin in that story was a woman… I won’t even go there.

Either way, if it’s a prank then fair play, if not then Warner Bros are going to have a huge hit on their hands when all the Beliebers flock to the cinema to watch their idol in tights.

‘Batman Vs. Superman’ is slated to hit theaters on the 17th of July 2015.

Watch a fake trailer for ‘Man of Steel 2’ which was released following the Ben Affleck news below.