iTunes Festival 2013 Day 25 Preview: It’s time to welcome Pixies

by Martin


As the iTunes Festival slowly draws to a close for another year London welcomes Pixies with support from NO CEREMONY///.

Though it’s all over next Monday there are still some big names left to perform including Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry.
Pixies first formed in 1986 in Boston and are an American alt rock band.

Currently, group members include Black Francis (vocals, rhythm guitar), Joey Santiago (lead guitar) and David Lovering (drums) Recently Kim Shattuck joined the lineup on bass and vocals. Shattuck replaced founding member Kim Deal in 2013.

In their own country the Pixies were fairly successful but were significantly more successful in the UK and across Europe. The Pixies parted ways in 1993 but reformed in 2004.


The band have been credited in the last as having a fairly significant influence on the boom of the alt rock genre in the 1990s. Following their reunion in 2004 the band shot to higher heights in terms of popularity which led them to sold-out world tours.

Performing ahead of the Pixies tonight at 7:45pm are NO CEREMONY///.

NO CEREMONY///(pictured below) are a trio from Manchester who combine euphoric electronic music and melancholic post pop to end up with a truly mesmerising sound.

Pixies will take to the stage at the Roundhouse in a London tonight from 9pm and just before that are NO CEREMONY/// who will be on stage at 7:45pm.


The iTunes Festival is available to view online for free through your iTunes app and on smartphone and tablet devices.

Don’t forget that all previous streams – from performances that have already taken place are available still to watch on iTunes and through all the usual channels. Channel 4 also has highlight coverage at various points across the week so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

If you haven’t heard them before then have a listen to the Pixies below with their track ‘Indie Cindy’.