ITV announce ‘My Friend Michael Jackson: Uri’s Story’


ITV Global Entertainment Ltd have announced that they will air a new documentary centred around Michael Jackson and Uri Gellar.

“This is the real Michael Jackson, the way that just a handful of friends were privileged to see him – relaxed, witty, loving, smart, sincere and genuine,” said Gellar. “This film gives audiences around the world the opportunity to experience the reality of life with Michael.”

He continued: “I’m thrilled that we were able to record this footage, because it focuses on one of those very rare crossovers when entertainment becomes history, of great importance to hundreds of millions of people.

“It breaks my heart that the world has lost such a beautiful human being, a brother to everyone and a friend whom I was proud to call my brother – thankfully he is not completely lost, because we have his music and our memories.

“And my clearest memories of all are captured on this videotape.”

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