ITV Brings ‘The Fuse’ With Austin Healy


Austin Healey presents The Fuse – an explosive new daytime quiz show on ITV1.

The Fuse propels game show tension to a whole new level. Over the course of 60 minutes the fast and furious Fuse threatens to send a fortune up in flames before our very eyes. To beat The Fuse and save the prize money, six contestants – none of whom have met before – must test their nerve and intelligence over four unique rounds.

In Round One – Six in a Row – the six contestants must work as a team to rescue ‘fuse’ boxes which contain cash amounts from one pound up to £5,000. They have a choice of 12 and each chosen box is placed in the path of the dreaded Fuse. To successfully rescue it they have to give six consecutive correct answers – that’s just one answer each – before the Fuse reaches the box and blows the cash to smithereens. But there’s a twist, as the host works his way up the line of contestants the questions get harder and with every additional box the Fuse length gets shorter.

There are six boxes up for grabs in this first round and six chances to add cash to the team’s kitty, but how many will they save and how much will go up in smoke?

In Round Two – Burn Out – the team-mates turn on each other in a frenetic fastest finger battle from which only two players survive. The players are split into two groups of three and each individual chooses one of the remaining ‘fuse’ boxes – not knowing how much cash it is worth. Each box now has its own 60 second fuse. The players buzz in when they think they know an answer to a question – if they are right they get to light a rival’s fuse, but if they are wrong their own fuse sparks into life.

Two survivors from Burn Out face off in a dramatic Third Round – Fire Fight. Each protects a new 60 second fuse connected to their box. But in this round, one fuse is always burning – the only way for a player to extinguish their own and ignite their rivals is to give a right answer. Keep giving wrong answers and that fuse will keep on burning! One player is out. The survivor wins and takes their box through to our big money finale, where they’ll face The Final Fuse!

Everything our finalist has won up to this end point is at risk in this final frenetic, electric challenge. They have the length of the Final Fuse to answer six rapid fire questions, each on a different topic. Beat the Fuse and they could triple their takings. Take too long and they could watch it all go up in smoke.

The Fuse continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV1.

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