ITV to commission new Inspector Morse after Endeavour success

The Sun’s TV Biz reports today that ITV is set to commission a new series of Inspector Morse given that the recently aired prequel to the Morse story, which was entitled ‘Endeavour’, proved a huge hit with viewers.

Starring Shaun Evans in the role of young copper Morse, around 6.5million of us tuned in to the one-off drama, which starred John Thaw’s daughter Abigail in a cameo role.

John, who of course played Inspector Morse, passed away in 2002, and of her role in Endeavour, Abigail said, “I was quite nervous coming in for my scene but Sean made me feel extremely welcome.

“Being the daughter of the original Morse, I could have been a rather boring pain in the backside for him. But Shaun was just so nice.”

She added, “The echo of the old Morse provided a lovely, knowing nod to the fans. It made us cry when the scene was complete.”

Last year, when his casting in the role of the young Morse was announced, Shaun said of the show, “You see the beginnings of all the things which made him so popular in his later period.

“He’s struggling with women even then, struggling with work and struggling with himself, but he already has a love of classical music and crosswords, poetry, old cars and beer.”

But when asked if he’d studied how John Thaw played the role of Morse, Shaun replied that he hadn’t.

He said, “I’m not an impressionist and I wouldn’t get as much out of doing another actor’s interpretation of a part I’m also playing.

“Let’s face it, if I’d had brown eyes, the job wouldn’t have come my way, but I’m not going out of my way to copy the walk or add some crazy characteristics.”

And of his relationship with Abigail during filming, Shaun said, “We did hit it off, so inevitably you end up having a laugh and talking about your life, and we did begin to speak about her dad.

“The scene where our characters meet is light and funny. It would have been wrong for it to be heavy duty and painful, and she was great in it.”

Are you excited about the prospect of a new series of Inspector Morse? Or do you think that nobody could replace John in the role?

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