ITV’s Our Queen documentary – sneak peek spoiler video

by Anna Howell

Tomorrow night  sees a  landmark ITV documentary which paints an in-depth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II during one of the most momentous years of her reign.

This  first feature-length royal documentary, the first in more than 20 years, Our Queen,  features unique footage during the Diamond Jubilee year of  members of the Royal Family,  Her Majesty’s staff – some of whom are talking for the first time as well as her Prime minister’s.

Made by the award-winning producer-director, Michael Waldman, and the best-selling royal author and writer, Robert Hardman, for Oxford Film and Television, the documentary follows the Jubilee from the inside.

It also delves into our  modern Monarchy, presenting an insight into the way the world’s most famous woman leads the world’s best-known royal house, as well as how she balances tradition with modernisation and how her level of public affection is maintained amid the ever-changing political and social landscape of her reign.

Filmed throughout 2012, this observational two-hour documentary is a study of leadership, judgement and character, set against the spectacular pageantry of the Diamond Jubilee year, which sets out to provide a close perspective of Our Queen and what she means to Britain and the world.

One scene shows a never before seen meeting between Her Majesty and the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, in which they can be seen discussing events that have taken place in a normal week.

In other footage The Queen can be seen  her asking staff whether the programme makers have enough light to film, and commenting on the rapidity of the sunsets Balmoral whilst filming was taking place.  During this time Michael Waldman, the director of the documentary, described her as “a woman at home, like anybody else”.

Watch a clip from this momentous documentary below:

Our Queen can be seen tomorrow, Sunday 17th March  from 8pm – 10pm on ITV1/ITV1 HD.