Jake Bugg reveals he found Dolly Parton inspiring at Glastonbury – country album next?

by Martin
Jake bugg


Jake Bugg has had an incredibly busy summer so far and while there is talk about him leaving the UK for the US, he still has a series of shows and festivals to perform at.

While over the weekend he performed at Scotland’s T in the Park he also took to the stage at Glastonbury a few weeks ago and has revealed he found inspiration from another big star.

The ‘Lightning Bolt’ singer wowed crowds at Glastonbury and after watching Dolly Parton performing her incredible set, he’s found new inspiration.

Speaking with the Daily Star newspaper, Bugg explained how he’s now contemplating travelling to Nashville and possibly working on an album full of country songs – unexpected, right?

Jake Bugg is set to tour the UK and the US later this year.

Jake Bugg is set to tour the UK and the US later this year.

Talking about ‘Jolene’ songstress Dolly Parton he revealed he’s a fan of her “beautiful voice and great songs” and even called her “pretty cool”.

Bugg also spoke about his songwriting and added that he’s been considering writing music with a country feel to them.

“Next year I’d like to have some time off to travel around to the southern states, (and) Nashville and Memphis, and hang out, get inspired, see what happens…”

Teasing the idea of a country album he explained that it could be “pretty sweet.”


This isn’t the first time Jake Bugg has spoken about America and as we mentioned earlier it appears to be something he’s considering seriously.

Earlier this month Bugg spoke to Absolute Radio about America, comparing their music scene to that of the UK’s.

“I have a lot of influence from there. I’d like to live in America at some point. I think the health insurance is quite a lot though.” he added.

What with Dolly Parton inspiring him, and the thought of him heading to Nashville, it is looking more and more likely that he’ll be leaving the British shores to test the water across the pond.


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