James Blake comments on his huge 2013 Mercury Prize win

by Martin


On Wednesday (30th October) James Blake was crowned the 2013 Mercury Prize winner and while he had competition from the likes of David Bowie and Foals to get the award he doesn’t feel like he beat them.

Speaking at the awards ceremony which took place at the Roundhouse in Camden, London the young star explained that he was shocked to have won over David Bowie because he finds the legend such an inspiration.

Winning the 2013 Mercury Prize for James Blake is a pretty big deal, especially when he’s only been around for a few years. Sure it would have been big for anyone but for the 25 year old it’s got to mean something.

James Blake already has had two top 10 albums in the Official Albums Chart and one single which has entered the Top 40 but despite that the musician still works incredibly hard and the award shows that.


Speaking at the ceremony Blake discussed winning the award and in particular how he looks up to David Bowie (pictured above):

“I don’t think I beat him – I don’t think that’s how this prize works. It’s amazing to be in the running with Bowie after so many albums.”

“A lot of artists do their best work when they’re young and it’s always disappointing to me when people don’t continue in that vein and don’t continue innovating and I think that David Bowie is an example to people like me who would like to continue in that vein.”

James Blake also spoke with the BBC about winning the 2013 Mercury Award.


“I feel really weird – jubilant and confused! It’s a moment you don’t really expect to happen to you. In fact, you might even bet against it if you’re British.”

He also spoke about a text from his parents congratulating him and how that it was the best one he received:

“The best one came from my parents, just saying “well done”. I don’t think they could say what they wanted to say in a text – it’s too stupid a format, but I think they’ll be proud.”

Watch a short clip showing James Blake making a speech after collecting his award.