James Blunt management banning him from Twitter?

by Lisa McGarry
james blunt 2


James Blunt has been chatting to this week’s heat magazine about becoming an overnight twitter sensation and not giving a f**k.

In an interview with the publication Blunt says: “My record label set up the account and asked me to answer people, so I did. Then they phoned me up and asked me to stop.”

Blunt gained over half a million followers when his tweeting went viral, he tells heat: “Twitter is just people’s opinions, and opinions are like a**eholes – everyone has one.”

Asked about how he comes up with his witty ripostes, he revealed: “The best ones are always the most spontaneous.”

“Some have been funnier than others. If I think the person I’m replying to might be harassed as a result, I DM them to say it’s all in good humour, and if any of my followers give them hassle, they can let me know. I don’t want it to be part of that hate-filled cycle that seems to purvey though the internet.”

james blunt 2

Blunt also reveals he’s had to delete a handful of tweets, saying: “A tidy timeline is a happy timeline.”

He added: “People say all kinds of things. What’s weirder is that we should ever take it seriously. I play to thousands of people each night, who all bought tickets, and train tickets and hotel rooms, and queued up for hours outside a venue, but instead of them, we focus on the five guys in their bedrooms with their trousers round their ankles writing a few nasty words about my music. Those guys couldn’t be bothered to come to the venue to say how much they “really hate” me, so why should I be bothered by them?”

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“As a singer, you put yourself out there to be judged, and with my kind of music, it’s easy to get flak. I’m not singing about material objects, like fast cars and fancy watches, or surrounding myself with big bodyguards to make myself appear strong. I stand under a spotlight, stared at by strangers, and sing about my weaknesses, my fears and my failings. Some would say that takes a certain courage. Others would be too thick to realise.”

Asked about the biggest misconception about him, James replied: “That I give a f**k.”

The full uncensored interview appears in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).

James’ single When I Find Love Again and the album Moon Landing: Apollo Edition are both out 3 Nov. He tours the UK in Nov too – tickets at Jamesblunt.com