Jamie Oliver blasted for “heart attack” recipes! My response? O p**s off!

by Lynn Connolly

TV chef Jamie Oliver has come under fire over his bestselling cookbook, which experts claim is full of “heart attack” inducing recipes.

It seems that US health experts are particularly concerned that Jamie recommends the use of salt and fat in his cookbook, 30 Minute Meals, with one critic stating that Jamie’s recipe for a meatball sandwich has twice the calories of a Big Mac.

The Daily Star adds that the expert added the recipe contained “dangerously high levels of cholesterol and salt.”

Susan Levin, a spokeswoman for The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine, said, “Jamie Oliver has done some very good things with regard to highlighting problems with school dinners and fast food.

“But some of the recipes in his book are higher in fat and sodium than the processed stuff…

“They are laden with cream, coconut milk, butter and red meat.”

And of course, another TV chef renowned for not shying away from the potentially fatal use of cream, butter and other goodies is Nigella Lawson…

However, a picture of Nigella alongside one of ‘health guru’ Gillian McKeith recently turned up on one of my friends’ Facebook pages, and very aptly pointed out that both women are the same age – well, Gillian’s one year older than Nigella – and by comparison, which woman looks the healthiest?

I get so sick of these overbearing ‘experts’ who tell us something different on a weekly basis anyway! At one time, red wine was the devil’s work, now these experts say it can protect from all sorts of maladies, from cancer to heart attacks.

Low fat diets were once the only thing physicians recommended, but now, many doctors recommend high fat, low carb diets.

Chocolate was once thought by experts to cause spots, now it’s a cure for depression. The list is endless…

But when I look again at the picture of Gillian and Nigella, my thoughts are, “Does anyone have something on which I can rest this case?”

In short, ‘experts’ please do butt out. We love Jamie, we love butter, we love salt and we enjoy clogging up our arteries. So leave us to it.


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.