Jamie Oliver tries to poach Marco Pierre White’s son

A producer from Jamie Oliver’s company tried to poach the son of Marco Pierre White to appear on an upcoming TV show.

The News Of The World’s claims that staff from Jamie’s Fresh One Productions, used school friends to contact the fifteen year old, also named Marco Pierre White. However the fiery chef wasn’t amused with the move and has called in his lawyers, saying that the company breached rules by approaching a minor without parental consent.

Marco said: “It’s shocking. They were trying to have a laugh at the expense of my family.”

Despite claims that the team made their first contact through Facebook, insiders have insisted that they had no idea about the boys famous parentage and said that Jamie knew nothing about the move.

A source said that Marco read the riot act to Jamie’s team:

“He was fuming that anyone would approach his son without consent. It all kicked off when they accused Marco of only complaining because he had ‘a beef’ with Jamie.

“Marco was livid. Now he won’t let it rest.”

A Channel 4 spokesman said: “At no point was Marco Pierre White’s son specifically targeted. The producers offered sincere apologies to Mr Pierre White and his family.”

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