Jason Donovan tells Piers Morgan that Kylie Minogue “chased” him for sex!

While recording an edition of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Jason Donovan – who of course shot to fame in Aussie soap Neighbours – revealed that his one time co-star Kylie Minogue “chased” him for sex.

He added, “She chased me and then I guess I gradually gave in. The next thing you know we were working and having this relationship.

“At the time it was great. We cemented it in a Sydney Travelodge.

“There were a number of promotional trips we would do each weekend and the Travelodge was the place. Travelodges in those days were posh places.

“I did not lose my virginity to her though. I knew I was in love with her when she became successful on her own. It was a jealousy thing.

“I could see her slipping away. I am sure it happened before that but it was not until I could see her going off in one direction I thought I was going to lose her…”

The Mirror reports that Jason then revealed that he’d been heartbroken when Kylie fell in love with INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence, who tragically committed suicide in 1997.

Jason, who admitted that at the time he “wanted to be Michael Hutchence”, was with Kylie when she met Michael for the first time at an INXS concert.

He said, “That is where the relationship began. I later found out from my manager that they had met up in Hong Kong and I did not take it easily.

“For a male it’s a difficult thing to deal with to be dropped by a woman, but not only a woman but someone of her status. I took it hard.

“But what does not break you makes you stronger and I had an incredible network of people.

“She did try to explain to me once at a party at my house in Notting Hill. But you move on. I never went to an INXS concert after that.”

Soon after his heartbreak over Kylie, Jason began dabbling in drugs. He said, “I took about three grammes [of cocaine] a day, maybe more. That’s 20 to 30 lines.

“That’s proper addiction. I did not think about the cost. You take the drug to be euphoric. It’s a very sexually empowering experience but in the end you become isolated.

“It’s like one of those cats who chases its tail. In the end you become the lonely guy in the hotel room. What I can say is that I don’t do it any more.”

However, Jason added that ironically, it was Michael Hutchence – who of course also took drugs – who probably saved his life one night at a party for Kate Moss.

He explained, “When I got to LA I got home to coke there, it was extremely strong and I spent my whole time in my hotel room and went to the party.

“I had a seizure and I don’t remember anything. It’s not comfortable seeing those images.

“Michael took the drugs off me that night and got me into the ambulance. It was good of him to do that.”

The full interview with Jason can be seen on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories when it airs later this year.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.