by Lisa McGarry

LIVING today announced a festive commission and four celebrity documentaries to air in December that have been produced by ITN Productions. The four celebrity documentaries will air as follows; The Beckhams’ Crazy 2010 (1st December), Robbie Williams’ Crazy 2010 (8th December), Cheryl Cole’s Crazy 2010 (15th December) and Simon Cowell’s Crazy 2010 (22nd December). Jenni Falconer’s Secret Santa will air on December 23rd, giving a celebrity Christmas sparkle to the end of the year.

Jenni Falconer’s Secret Santa is a show about the true spirit of Christmas in which Jenni takes up the role as Secret Santa, rewarding the most generous and deserving local heroes across the country with surprise Christmas gifts while inspiring others to follow her example. This seasonal special combines a series of powerful and heart-warming human interest stories as Jenni recognises and rewards individual acts of kindness and inspiration, drawing on the help and support of other celebrities along the way.

Secret Santa culminates with Jenni’s biggest mission of all – creating the ultimate Christmas extravaganza for the kids at Great Ormond Street Hospital, attended by a host of celebrities and including a performance by Olly Murs. The circus-themed party, featuring the doctors and nurses of the hospital dressed up as circus characters, will bring Christmas cheer to the children there, creating a festive day that the children will never forget and an emotional and inspiring finale to the programme.

Jenni Falconer said: “Christmas is such a fantastic time of year and this show will give credit where credit is due, rewarding people who truly embody the Christmas spirit, and most importantly giving something extra special to the children in Great Ormond Street.”

Commissioning Executive for LIVING, Alex Ayling, said: “Jenni Falconer’s Secret Santa is a feel-good show that will bring that festive cheer to LIVING’s viewers, with Jenni helping deserving people pass on that Christmas Spirit.”

Emma Read, Creative Director ITN Productions and Executive Producer on the Secret Santa show said: “Jenni Falconer is the perfect Secret Santa in this inspirational and heart-warming show which connects viewers with the true spirit of Christmas and the joy of giving. ITN Productions is delighted to be working with LIVING on such a worthwhile endeavour.”

The Celebrity ‘Crazy 2010’ one offs will give LIVING viewers a sneak peek into what 2010 has been all about for some of Britain’s biggest celebrities, filmed right up until transmission, and comment on what kind of year they’ve had from key celebrity commentators. Who has got married, divorced, won or lost the publics’ hearts, or done something out of character in this year of celebrity surprises?

Steve Carsey, Chief Creative Officer, ITN Productions said of the Celebrity Crazy 2010 shows: “”These four specials are a perfect example of ITN Production’s commitment to delivering quality, affordable, popular factual programming to broadcasters in the UK around the world. Certain celebrities stand out from the crowd as iconic, influential and inspirational drivers of popular culture – and there can be no better time to celebrate their lives or explore how 2010 has been a transformational year for these stars.”