Jennifer Lawrence beats Miley Cyrus to be named “Entertainer Of The Year”

by Martin
Jennifer Lawrence 2

Jennifer Lawrence 1

Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus fought head to head (not literally) to be The Associated Press’ “Entertainer Of The Year”.

The ‘Hunger Games’ star beat twerking Miley Cyrus by just one vote in the annual survey released by The Associated Press of its newspaper subscribers and broadcast members.

A total of 70 ballots were submitted by news directors and U.S editors and voters were asked to consider their decision on who was the most influential in entertainment and culture for 2013.

Jennifer Lawrence, star of ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise won with 15 votes while Miley Cyrus just missed out after scoring 14 votes.


Video streaming service Netflix were in third place with 13 votes after they changed the way people view TV.

Kristi Runyan of The Derrick and The News-Herald Newspapers in Oil City, Pa. commented on Jennifer Lawrence being the overall winner of the award.

She said that the actress “is not only talented and beautiful, but comes off as incredibly intelligent, genuine, funny and well-spoken in her public appearances and interviews,”

“It’s refreshing to see a young woman not squandering her talent and success by succumbing to the temptations many do in Hollywood and who actively speaks about the ridiculous behavior of some of her peers.”


Netflix has changed the way we view TV thats for sure, it’s not incredibly easy to setup an account and begin a marathon of your favourite show (when they have it available).

Sean Stangland of Paddock Publications in suburban Chicago commented: “In a divided entertainment landscape that includes the fans of pop princesses like Miley as well as high-minded devotees of cutting-edge filmmaking, Netflix is the one common denominator,”

‘Breaking Bad’ was in fourth place (behind Netflix) with 10 votes while Justin Timberlake was in fifth place.

Watch Jennifer Lawrence – the AP “Entertainer Of The Year” in action in the second ‘Hunger Games’ movie trailer.