Jeremy Kyle gives himself some sobering advice after testicular cancer battle

by Lisa McGarry

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Jeremy Kyle has spoken out for the first time, since he revealed this week that he had battled with testicular cancer over Christmas.

The chat show host was interviewed by Eamon Holmes on This Morning and told his tale of how he was diagnosed and what he went through for the past few months.

The dad of four explained:

“I was in the shower the Tuesday before Christmas and I thought ‘that’s not right.’ I don’t even know now why I didn’t think it was right. I went to my GP at lunch time who said ‘I don’t think it’s a problem at all but I think you’re wise to get it checked.’

Jez continued:

“Within half an hour I was having every one of my major organs scanned and they said ‘you need to come in tomorrow and we need to remove that testicle.'”

jeremy kyle

Kyle also had a course of chemotherapy and for now, it seems as if he beat the disease. He’s only just recovering from treatment, but he insisted on going back to work this week and just a few days ago returned to the studio for the first time. He said:

“Coming back here, seeing my friends and walking out it was always going to be difficult, probably weepy if I’m honest but then I just got on with it. It was nice to be back, it was nice to be back in a routine that I know.”

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“I have had my negative moments let me tell you. That was another reason to want to come back now. I wanted to get back to normal, pace it, but get back to reality.”

Holmes asked Kyle what TV Jeremy would advise father, husband and son Jeremy to do with his future and he replied:

“He would probably say ‘you were very lucky,’ he would say ‘go and talk about it because if one person checks themselves and discovers a tumour or a lump and gets cured then that’s a good thing’. ”

He continued:

“I’d say ‘Love your family, re-evalulate certain things, don’t change a lot, live life to the full but also give a little bit back if you can because you are one of the lucky ones.'”

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  1. Mark on February 8, 2013 at 11:46 am

    Thought the interview was a bit detrimental in encouraging people to get checked. Having been through testicular cancer myself, I appreciate what Jeremy Kyle was feeling only eight weeks after diagnosis, but instead of saying his tumour was 95% toxic, he could have said it is 95% plus curable, even in advanced cases.

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