Jeremy Kyle pranked by Ant and Dec as part of Saturday Night Takeaway

jeremy kyle

Jeremy Kyle was left with egg on his face recently when he was pranked by presenting duo Ant and Dec,

The pair were filming for their new series of ITV show ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ when they travelled to America to mess with the chat show host on the set of his US show.

The pair sneaked into the studio and one of them diguised themselves as a cat and managed to get close enough to rub themselves against his leg without being detected.

Footage of the prank will air next month but Kyle admitted that he had been embarrassed when he found out who he was dealing with.

He told a Manchester studio audience:

ant & dec's saturday night takeaway

“One of them said they’d had plastic surgery and had changed into a cat.”

He admitted it was all “a bit embarrassing”.

Jeremy returned to work this week for the first time since he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The star was informed that he had the disease just before Christmas and immediately had surgery and chemotherapy to help him beat the big C.

jeremy kyle 2

He started work on his ITV show again this week and received a standing ovation from the studio audience in Manchester. Jeremy broke down in tears and admitted to them:

“It wasn’t the best Christmas for me and the family. It has been the hardest two months of my life.

“I have had absolutely amazing support. Thank you all – it is overwhelming really.”

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One Response to “Jeremy Kyle pranked by Ant and Dec as part of Saturday Night Takeaway”

  1. Alison From Thornton says:

    Welcome back Jeremy. Good luck with your new show.Just to say I agree with your comments on the council housing situation. we have had to work and struggle to keep what we have and believe me it’s been hard is it worth it?it seems the less you do the better off you are. Anyway good luck keep well.