Jeremy Paxman nearly quit Newsnight after Jimmy Savile Scandal hit!

by Anna Howell

Jeremy Paxman, star of BBC2’s Newsnight, is not going to resign from the flagship show, despite admitting he almost did, the Metro newspaper reports!

After weeks of rumours suggesting that BBC journalist, Paxman, was planning to resign his post in wake of the recent child abuse scandal, prompted by an ITV Exposure documentary, The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile, which exposed a horrifying paedophile ring spanning decades, and involving several high-profile names, was broadcast.

Those following the investigation, which has now been taken over by Scotland Yard, will know how the BBC has been widely criticised, and investigated for allowing its employees, including Savile, to prey on hundreds of young girls and boys whilst under their employment, and sometimes on their very own premises.

Also, in light of the investigation, it was revealed that BBC’s Newsnight had already uncovered the scandal shortly after Savile’s death in November last year, and produced a documentary similar to the Exposure one, including statements from the same witnesses, but that bosses at the Beeb had decided to shelve the project because, many people believe, it would disrupt their Christmas viewing schedule which included several tribute shows to Savile.

Then, just to make things even worse, when Newsnight was eventually allowed to show their evidence, they included a false allegation which linked Lord McAlpine to the scandal, resulting in a heft compensation pay out for the politician.

With all this controversy surrounding the once highly respected TV news show, rumours about its leading reporter, Jeremy Paxman, began circulating, saying that he was to quit his job.

However, last week the BBC stated that the journalist, who has been one of the main reporters on Newsnight since 1989, would definitely be returning to the show, despite insiders quoted as saying that he was ‘deeply disillusioned’ with the flagship BBC programme.

A source close to Paxman has told the Sunday Telegraph: “He was really angry and upset about what happened and in the end he decided to stay on out of loyalty to his colleagues, who are trying to do an honest job.

“But that doesn’t mean he thinks the problem has been solved.”

Last weekend Paxman promised he would return for the show this week, telling the Telegraph: “I have been away filming, but I will definitely be there on Wednesday (November 21).”

So far in wake of this scandal, the BBC general, George Entwistle, has stepped down from his post, of which Paxman said:

“He has been brought low by cowards and incompetents. The real problem here is the BBC’s decision, in the wake of the Hutton Inquiry, to play safe by appointing biddable people.

“They then compounded the problem by enforcing a series of cuts on programme budgets, while bloating the management. That is how you arrive at the current mess on Newsnight.”

Watch George Entwistle discussing the Newsnight mistakes on ITV’s Daybreak in the clip below: