Jill Halfpenny is ‘glued’ to watching niece Chelsea as Amy in Emmerdale

Jill Halfpenny, who is a soap veteran having starred in Coronation Street, Eastenders, Waterloo Road and Biker Grove, has admitted she is addicted to Emmerdale, now that her niece Chelsea plays feisty Amy on the show.

The actress, best known for her role in Eastenders as Phil Mitchell’s ex Kate, has confessed that she has become a fan of the show since her niece joined, and is really enjoying her performances.

Chelsea Halfpenny, who has played tear-away Amy since last october, has quickly become a fan favourite for her portrayal of the stroppy teenager and her comical yet at times incredibly moving family life with the Pollards.

Jill has said that the only advice she has given her niece is to make the most of her part and to enjoy and take as much as possible from her role, as once you leave a soap, you will never have another job like it.

Jill, who left the soap arena to have her son, 3 year old Harvey, has not ruled out a comeback and said of her decision to leave in the first place:

“People always ask if I’d ever go back to a soap like EastEnders or Corrie. Never say never! I try not to rule things out in my career. It depends where I’m at in my head.

“As soon as you have a child, it has a massive impact on what jobs you take. How long you’re going to be away becomes the most important thing and how it will work with childcare.”

If she does decide to come back, Chelsea thinks that she would be brilliant playing Amy’s mum in Emmerdale.

I don’t know about you, but I for one would love to see the on-screen chemistry of two Halfpenny’s (would that be a whole one?)