Jill Halfpenny joins the cast of Wild At Heart!

by Lisa McGarry

Actress Jill Halfpenny will be joining the cast of ITV drama Wild at Heart it has been revealed.

Jill – best known as Kate Mitchell from BBC soap Eastenders – will take on the role of Ed Lynch’s estranged ex wife Fiona Lynch.

Fiona arrives at Leopard’s Den, a lost and lonely character and we quickly discover that she’s the reason her husband, Ed (Robert Bathurst) is as sour, grumpy and emotionally in denial as he is! Fiona is a tremendous flirt and she’s also used to getting her own way, she left Ed for a younger model (which is something he’s unable to forgive her for) but now she’s intent on winning Ed back.

The bolshy character brings disharmony and conflict to Leopard’s Den and things will be spiced up no end, upon her arrival. Add to that the fact that she will officially be the only person who has ever been able to drink Du Plessis under the table, and things are about to get interesting in the outback!

Extremely intelligent and sharp witted, Fiona has a medical background and proves more than a match for Danny and Ed. She is capable and independent, and her skills prove invaluable but despite all her bravado she’s terrified of being alone. Hurt and humiliated from her disastrous affair, there’s more to her than meets the eye and she may discover that what she wants isn’t exactly what she needs. In short, she’s a broken character seeking redemption and a new start but can Ed ever forgive her or is she destined for more heartbreak?

Jill commented: “I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the cast of Wild at Heart in Africa. Fiona Lynch is certainly a fun and feisty character and will no doubt cause quite a few headaches for Ed and Danny, I can’t wait!”

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