Jim Davidson in online rant about Jimmy Savile Operation Yewtree arrest saying, I can’t even get my c**k out to have a p**s any more!”

jim davidson

As fans of comedian Jim Davidson may know, in January of this year, he was supposed to be happily ensconced in the Celebrity Big Brother house, however, following his arrest and questioning by the police in relation to their Operation Yewtree inquiry, he had to pull out of the show at the last minute.

The inquiry was of course set up to investigate allegations of sexual offences made against the late Jimmy Savile and “others”. Arrests of high profile celebrities have of course followed.

However, Jim, who’s been arrested twice now, is vigorously fighting the allegations, and earlier this year, he told The Sun, “I’ve never forced myself on a girl in my life.”

59 year old Jim, who was released on police bail without charge, added, “It’s not in my make-up to do what I’ve been accused of…

“If a girl wasn’t interested I’d say, ‘F*** it, all right then’ and move on.

“I know at the end of this I will be completely exonerated. I have done nothing wrong.”

jim davidsonBut in today’s Daily Star, after his second arrest, Jim said, “I’m sick of it. I can’t even get my c**k out to have a p**s any more!

“I used to quite like the police, but I’m going off them a bit.”

Last year, of the allegations against Savile, Jim said, “Hmmm. I knew… and didn’t do anything.”

He added, “Mind you, I had no proof. To me he was just another pervert. There are lots of them in showbiz.

“There seems to be more gay ones than straight but that’s because there are probably more gays in showbiz than most professions.

“Who’s next to be the victim of a media feeding frenzy? I have the answer to that…

“But, like Jimmy Savile, it’s only rumours. But when these rumours come out… WOW!”

We will of course keep you posted on any further developments.

For now, here’s a news report about Operation Yewtree…

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  1. caroline redbrook on April 5, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    The police need to be vigorous. Accused pedophiles like ———– (formally charged with two counts of 1st Degree Sodomy of a ten-year-old little boy), as shown by Jimmy Savile, and others, continue to prey on innocent victims. Through the aid of enablers ———–, upon learning an arrest was imminent fled and is currently on the lam.

    *Edited by admin. Please do not attempt to put the names of any persons not yet found guilty of anything in your comments as it contravenes legal considerations. Thank you.

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