Jimmy Savile police reveal new paedophile horror after “lists of names of the victims” found! More celeb arrests expected


It’s been reported today that police officers working on Operation Yewtree, the inquiry that was established after allegations of sex offences were made against late DJ and TV personality Jimmy Savile, have been “shocked” to discover what’s been described as “lists of names of the victims”.

Apparently the “lists” were found in a flat above a record shop in Manchester, hidden by layers of wallpaper and plaster.

The Daily Mirror reports, “The vile register, which contained the names, ages and a disgusting ratings system seemingly used to mark their sexual performance, was scrawled on a secret wall buried behind layers of wallpaper and plaster.”

A source revealed, “The wall looked like something straight out of a horror movie.

“There were lists and lists of names of the victims – it’s a shocking discovery.”

The discovery has reportedly indicated to police that Savile may have been more involved than first thought in a paedophile ring which claimed hundreds of victims.

The paper adds, “Police believe the major breakthrough could lead to further arrests – including other well-known celebrities.”


The source added, “Savile appeared to be using the room above the record store as some kind of secret HQ to plan his vile acts.

“There appears to be some suggestion that he was not acting alone either.

“There were others who appear to be involved, several others, some of whom are household names.

“Police think there might be hundreds of new female victims that needed to be spoken to as a result of the record shop raid…

“If the evidence on the wall is anything to go by, we could be talking in the region of 650 victims in all. It’s shocking.”

Of the horrific discovery, Criminologist Professor David Wilson from Birmingham City University said, “In the age before the internet made it possible for paedophiles to communicate with each other and write about who they could abuse and the form that abuse may take, they found other methods.

“By putting it on a wall they are making it public, but by hiding it, it is private. The public nature is because they are proud of it. It is a boasting system.

“It is a form of saying ‘this is what I’ve done. I’ve done more than you.’

“It’s about them displaying their own sexual success in being able to abuse these children.

“They also recognise this could lead to arrest, so they had to be careful about their sexual preferences…


“At the time this was said to have taken place paedophiles used contact magazines and groups of associates to get in touch with each other.

“We are beginning to see how widespread Savile’s abuse was.

“The significance of it having been found in a record shop is that at the time this was where all the young people went to buy their records and hang out.

“Now they download songs on the internet.”

We will of course keep you posted on any further developments, but for now, here’s a reminder of a news report about Savile’s alleged crimes…

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