Jimmy Savile scandal was ignored 15 years ago by Scotland Yard because he was famous!

by Anna Howell

In wake of the shocking scandal surrounding the late BBC presenter, Jimmy Savile, it has allegedly been revealed that Scotland Yard, who are now leading the case against Savile called Operation Yewtree, received, and buried a letter exposing Savile’s paedophilic activities FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!

According to the Sun newspaper police officers received the anonymous letter back in 1998 but, rather than investigating into the claims they marked the evidence as “sensitive” and filed away.

Because of its “sensitive” grading the letter was therefore not available for police officers now investigating the 214 criminal offences, including 34 rapes, against Savile across 28 police forces, until it was put onto a national computer database back in 2011, it is expected that a watchdog will reveal today.

In the letter sent to Scotland Yard’s vice squad, it is believed to have claimed that Savile was a “deeply committed paedophile” who was being blackmailed by a male prostitute in Leeds. It also went on to highlight the former Top Of The Pops presenter’s flippant attitude when it came to his barely concealed crimes, commenting that a catchphrase the self-appointed hospital porter would use after charity runs was “Now I’ve had a run, I feel like some bum.”

The author of the letter then went on to add:

“He thinks he is untouchable because of the people he mixes with. If you think this is a hoax, or a crank letter, think again. It is not I who suffer if you do nothing, but the children.”

And this, it would seem, is not the only missed chance police had to catch the repeated sexual predator, according to the Sun newspaper police were first alerted to Savile’s behaviour back in 1964 – 49 years ago.

According to the publication a watchdog report video is said to contain intelligence which linked Savile to a case of child sex abuse back in 1964 but, whilst Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit logged the report in a ledger, it is not known as to whether the incident was ever even investigated.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary claims it was one of SEVEN missed chances by London’s Met Police and the Surrey and Sussex forces to bring Savile to justice while he was alive, with Inspector Drusilla Sharpling said: “Its existence suggests that, by 1964, Savile was known to Met officers investigating sexual offences against children. We have not found evidence to suggest any investigation was carried out.”

Scotland Yard said of the new revelation: “The 1964 ledger was only recently identified.

“No additional supporting documents have been traced, but it clearly states an investigation took place and two men were charged and one convicted. The ledger only makes a passing reference to Savile frequenting the premises.”

Watch a report on the allegations against Jimmy Savile in the clip below: