Abuse campaigner told Esther Rantzen of Jimmy Savile abuse 18 years ago!

by Anna Howell

As more and more stories come out about the late Jimmy Savile and his behaviour with young girls, an abuse campaigner has come forward to claim that she informed top TV presenter at the time, and Childline founder, Esther Rantzen, of Jimmy Savile’s alleged abuse over 18 years ago!

This is the latest claim in a long line recently which suggest, following a Channel 4 documentary looking into the paedophilic antics of the once hugely popular TV personality, that the powers that be above Savile turned a blind eye to his disgusting (if proven true) behaviour with young girls, and in some cases, it has been claimed, boys!

Shy Keenan, who is an Abuse campaigner representing the charity The Phoenix Post, a victims’ advocacy group says she raised concerns to Rantzen after she had heard about the popular Top Of The Pops presenter  when  contributing to a recent TV show.

She said: “I heard rumours about Savile’s behaviour. I didn’t know what to do but felt I had a duty to pass them on.”

“I had been introduced to Esther through the late sex offender specialist Ray Wyre, as a victim of child abuse. I was talking to her about what needed to be done to help victims like me.

“I was shocked by what I had heard so I thought I would tell Esther about it.”

Esther appeared on the recent Exposer Channel 4 documentary, claiming to have not known about Savile’s inappropriate behaviour toward under-age children, but admitted, after watching the victims statements that they seemed genuine.

However, yesterday, she admitted to having heard rumours of Jimmy with young girls at the time, in particular a girl called Peeta, the name that Shy used at the time,  yet still denied ever being told of specific cases, commenting that she could have been told about victims of a TV star or household name — but cannot remember the incident, and that: “We all blocked our ears to the gossip. There was gossip, there were rumours. It’s very distressing.”

She said: “It is possible.” Esther said she would have advised the person who told her to help the victims and give them the confidence to go to the police.

“I do not believe she ever named Jimmy Savile or any other perpetrator.”