Joanna Lumley: A Greek Odyssey coming to ITV1

Joanna Lumley, fresh from her adventures on the River Nile, packs her bags once again to embark on an exploration of Greece. With this brand new four episode series, Joanna will focus on the people, landscape and history of this ancient land, travelling the country to provide an insight into Greece today, whilst learning about its ancient past.

Joanna’s travels take her across the length and breadth of Greece, from the Gates of Hades in the south to the home of the Gods, Mount Olympus, in the north, while journeying through the country’s rich, ancient and profoundly influential heritage to arrive while journeying through the country’s rich, ancient and profoundly influential heritage to arrive at a greater understanding of Greece both ancient and modern.

As she travels to the birthplace of the Olympics and, the most iconic of all Greek monuments, the Acropolis in Athens, her focus will provide a modern context to our perspective of this ancient land. Alongside these Greek hallmarks, Joanna’s journey will also take in encounters with less well known elements of Greek culture, such as visiting the remote Pomak villagers in the north of the country, ostracised because of their religion. She meets a group of people who continue to communicate using a rare language based on whistling which evolved nearly 2000 years ago. And she spends time with communities who live off the land in some of the most remote corners of the country.

Joanna Lumley: A Greek Odyssey was commissioned for ITV1 by Jo Clinton-Davis, Controller of Popular Factual, and Alison Sharman, Director of Factual and Daytime.

Alison said: “We’re delighted to be working with Joanna again who is one of the great story tellers and her odyssey promises to make and compelling and unforgettable viewing.”

Series Producer, Matt Bennett, said: “Millions of Britons visit Greece every year and while many of us head to the islands for a well earned break on the beach, Joanna, with her natural curiosity, is setting out to explore and get to the roots of this incredible country which has given the world so much, the birth of civilisation, drama, democracy, modern science and medicine, which continues to influence the fabric of our modern, everyday life.”