Joanna Page on her The Syndicate character Leanne, and her dark secret!

Kay Mellor’s new drama, The Syndicate, debuts on BBC One this coming Tuesday at 9pm, and among the stars who’re playing roles on the show is former Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page, who’s been talking to What’s On TV about her character, Leanne.

And it seems that shop worker Leanne is hiding rather a dark secret which the publicity about her syndicate win threatens to expose!

Joanna explained, “When you first meet Leanne the syndicate members have won the lottery and are getting ready to meet the press.

“We’re in the supermarket and all dolled up. Then it flashes back to what has happened before the win…”

Joanna continued to reveal that the syndicate of shop workers have won £18million, but her character is far from keen on the publicity that she feels was forced upon them.

She said, “Leanne really doesn’t want to get involved with the press, but the others talk her into it.

“She’s quite happy with an anonymous life and doesn’t want her face splashed all over the press because she’s scared stiff her past will come out.

”When you meet her she is very stressed, very secretive and has the world on her shoulders.

“She can’t reveal her true life to anybody, but at least she can afford the best lawyer!

“The win doesn’t bring her any happiness; she was happy with her stable life and would have liked to go on like that for ever.

“When playing her I spent most of my time smoking and having a nervous breakdown!”

As we reported last week, Kay Mellor butted heads with lottery organisers Camelot over the issue of winners’ having publicity “forced” upon them, and she also revealed that it was after hearing stories of people who wished they’d never won that she was prompted to write The Syndicate.

Here’s the show’s trailer…

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