Jodie Marsh to present new bullying documentary on Channel 5, Can We Beat The Bullies?!

by Anna Howell

Former glamour model turned body-builder, Jodie Marsh, is reportedly heading a new Channel 5 documentary exploring the world of bullying.

Jodie, who has previously spoken out about her own bullying experiences both before she was famous, and after is to present the show, entitled Can We Beat The Bullies, The Metro newspaper reports it has been confirmed.

The series, due to air on Channel 5, will investigate individual cases of children at school, and on the street, who are suffering at the hands of bullies, focussing on what we, as a society, can do to put a stop to the problem once and for all.

Marsh, who has, since overcoming her own confidence issues, been embroiled in highly publicised slanging matches with fellow former glamour model, Jordan aka Katie Price, has become a strong campaigner against the growing bullying problem in Britain.

She, and her father, have opened up on ITV daytime chat show, The Jeremy Kyle show about her experiences as well as making a previous documentary about them called My Secret Past.

But in this new Channel 5 series, Can We Beat The Bullies will see Marsh, who swapped her risqué and sexually orientated outfits for body building leotards in a bid to reinvent herself a few years ago, fly to America to find out what steps are being taken over there to tackle the issue.

America has seen an influx of bullying related suicides in recent years, especially in teenagers being targeted for their sexuality.

Channel 5′s head of factual news and current affairs Andrew O’Connell said of the series: “This series gives viewers a fascinating insight into the issues and the progress done in the US to tackle bullying, which affects nearly 13 million kids a year.

“Jodie also explores how some of these initiatives can be adopted in the UK.”

Watch some of the highlights of Jodie Marsh’s Jeremy Kyle appearance in the clip below: