Jody Latham to join Eastenders cast?

by Lisa McGarry

Jody Latham, best known for his portrayal of Lip Gallagher in Chanel 4’s Shameless, is set to join Eastenders as Whitney Dean’s (Shona McGarty) new boyfriend, Rob.

Whitney will meet Rob after falling out with her family and running away and he is the key influence who will exploit her by convincing her to start prostituting herself later on this year.

This story line is bound to stir up the not particularly settled can of worms recently opened by the huge public disgust at the Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) and Ronnie Branning’s (Samantha Womak) recent baby swap storyline, but Eastender’s bosses are defending the decision to cover such a controversial plot, insisting it is being shown to help bring awareness and support to child grooming and exploitation and is backed by comic relief, who have helped devise a ten minute episode to be shown on red nose day.

I think everyone’s opinion of this story line will be a personal one and it is bound to cause a lot of controversy, but I think the one thing we can all agree on is why does Whitney get all the bad luck?

I mean, come on, at the tender age of 18 she has lost her dad at a young age, found out her little sister – her only connection to her late father- was actually the result of a one night stand by the woman who was meant to love her dad, who is now raising her. The same woman who introduced the paedophile Tony King (Chris Coghil – coincidentally another Shameless actor) who ruined her childhood. Then finding her mother doesn’t want to know her. And finally losing the love of her life Billie (Deven Anderson) to alcohol poisoning. Oh, and of course we can’t forget being rejected for her step-grandmother. Give the poor girl a break!!!!

This article was written by our newest blogger Anna Howell – Devoted mother, partner and English Literature student by day, telly addict by night – life is all about balance.