John Sergeant’s Tourist Trail Coming To ITV1

by Lisa McGarry

John Sergeant is returning to his roots as a tour guide in a new, three-part factual series for ITV1.

John Sergeant’s Tourist Trail will follow John on a celebratory journey around Britain, taking in our most famous tourist sites plus destinations not found in mainstream guidebooks. Along the way he will discover the array of amazing places we have right on our doorstep.

Produced by Mentorn Media, the hour-long programmes have been commissioned for ITV by Alison Sharman, Director of Factual and Daytime and Jo Clinton-Davis, Controller of Popular Factual.

The programmes will see John join foreign tourist parties as they visit Britain for the first time, learning about the quirks of different nationalities as he ‘looks at them looking at us’ to discover what tourists really think of our country and of us.

John Sergeant says: “I am very much looking forward to seeing Britain through the eyes of foreign visitors. We are ready to answer some of their questions, such as ‘why do you say it is raining cats and dogs’, and ‘can we meet those dear old ladies who solve the murder cases?’ We should also get a true and often funny picture of why this country is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world.”

But John will not only be joining the tourist parties travelling around Britain – he’ll also return to his roots as a tour guide in a series of challenges. John first found his feet as a tour guide in his early twenties whilst studying at Oxford. Once he’s refreshed his memory and watched the professional tour guides in action, it will be his turn to put on the show.

Alison Sharman, Director of Factual and Daytime says: “This is a unique and fascinating look at Britain and how it and us as its people, are perceived by the millions of tourists who flock here every year. With John as our tour guide we can expect insights that are as entertaining as they are revelatory. It will be a real treat!”

Mentorn Media’s Executive Producer, Dan Goldsack, says: “John is a national treasure and this promises to be informative, immersive and above all hugely entertaining.”