Join the Emmerdale Army – Cast to chat to fans live on Twitter tonight!

Some of the cast and crew of ITV’s Emmerdale will take to twitter tonight, to answer fans questions live.

The event – to be held straight after tonight’s 8.30 episode – has been organised by James Thornton, who plays farmer John Barton in the ITV soap and more details can be found on the official Emmerdale website.

Who will be joining us, glued to our computer screens, being able to talk to the very people that bring such magic to our week nights?

This exciting event can only strengthen the soaps award campaign, where stars such as Danny Miller and Jane Cox are serious contenders to win big. The first stage of voting is still open until next Monday 11th April, for you to pick your favourites to go through to the short list of main nominee’s.

Emmerdale have of late, topped the ratings poll with some seriously amazing story lines, portrayed by some incredible actors and actresses and grabbed the hearts of the entire nation, earning them deserved consideration for all of the award categories.

The organiser of this event, James Thornton, is up for sexiest male, and after his winning tap dance performance on Lets Dance for Comic relief. I am sure you will agree he has won a place in the heart of every woman who watched it. Also up for sexiest male is Danny Miller, who plays homosexual mechanic, Aaron, who’s fan base is simply phenomenal. Also up for Sexiest Male is the loveable rouge Jeff Hordley (Cain Dingle).

Amongst contenders for sexiest female are Natalie Anderson, who plays Alicia Gallagher. Natalie joined the cast last year, after a long stint in the West End playing one of the leads in the hit show, Wicked, and is her character is currently dating Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher) – How beautiful would their kids be? Also in the running are Suzanne Shaw, who plays home wrecker Eve, and Sammy Winward who plays unlucky in love Katie Sugden.

For me, best actor could only go to one person, and that person is Danny Miller. Danny, who is only 19, plays homosexual Aaron Livesy and has had three very big story lines intertwined with each other this year. He has developed his character in front of our eyes, turning him from a dismissable thug, to a deeply intense and misunderstood young man, who by finally realising who he is, has slowly changed his whole persona.

Also in the running are Dominic Brunt as Paddy Kirk and Mark Charnock as Marlon Dingle, who have really captured the essence of friendship in their long running relationship, never so much as in their recent story line involving a woman coming between them, and then embarking on parenthood together.

When it comes to villain of the year, for me there was only one choice, Lyndon Ogbourne, who played snide Nathan Wylde. A villain is someone who can make you detest the sight of them, the type of actor who can make people believe their nastiness, and Lyndon ticks all the boxes. His portrayal of Nathan had me cheering when Cain kidnapped him. His character never wavered or lost any strength, the sign of a true evil genius! Also nominated are Jeff Hordley (Cain Dingle) and Michael McKell as Nick Henshal, who set the soap alight with his exit earlier this year.

Nominated for Best Actress is Jane Cox, who plays Emmerdale’s Lisa Dingle, who is currently caught in the aftermath of her rape by a trusted colleague. Jane was more than believable in her role, and all of her performances have been breath-taking, the story line was handled brilliantly and the right actress was definitely chosen for the challenge. Her portrayal was haunting with such humble humility and bravery, in my opinion this award has her name all over it.

Also in the running are Emma Atkins as Charity Tate, who never fails to bring that sassy humour she is renowned for, to every single scene she is in, and Pauline Quirke, who’s portrayal of Hazel, the mother of tetraplegic Jackson, who’s heart wrenching performance in coming to terms with her son’s condition, has been astounding.

This occasion is the shows chance to give back to the audience that have taken them from soap under dog status to that of serious top 3 contender, and I for one can not wait.

So, at half eight tonight, after you have voted for your favourites at (you can vote up to 5 times on one email address, but make sure you verify the confirmation email afterwards), thought of what you would like to say to your favourite stars, and of course watched tonight’s episodes, log on to twitter, and follow #emmerdalearmy for your chance to be part of the discussions.

See you there!