Jonathan Creek star, Alan Davies, to face legal action over Lord McAlpine false child abuse allegations!

by Anna Howell

Jonathan Creek star and comedian Alan Davies, may be among a number of people facing a law suit from Lord McAlpine over the false allegations that he abused children, the Sun newspaper reports!

Lord McAlpine’s legal team plan to take legal action against a “very long list” of people, after BBC Newsnight falsely accused an “unnamed Conservative peer” of being a paedophile linked to the huge investigation into the late TV presenter, Jimmy Savile.

When the story broke, Creek, who is a permanent panellist on the hugely popular quiz show, IQ, took to social networking site, Twitter, to ask his 444,000 followers: “Any clues as to who this Tory paedophile is?”

He then retweeted a response from one person naming Lord McAlpine.

Lawyers acting for the 70-year-old MP say that the case following these false accusations could be the biggest libel case in British history, after investigators claim that approximately 10,000 people tweeted about them.

Amongst those in the firing line include a writer for The Guardian and a reporter for Al Jazeera TV channel, and so far around 40 people have been ordered to make a public apology and pay compensation, including £185,000 from the BBC, which Lord McAlpine will donate to charity.

Also questioned by Lord McAlpine’s legal team was the wife of the Commons Speaker, former celebrity Big Brother contestant, Sally Bercow, after she took to Twitter to ask, somewhat tongue in cheek, “Why is Lord McAlpine trending? Innocent face.”

Meanwhile, ITV series, Exposure, are broadcasting a follow up investigation into the Jimmy Savile investigation on Wednesday night, after its original documentary last month finally exposed the former legendary presenters paedophilic behaviour.

Watch Alan in action on QI in the clip below:

Exposure Update: The Jimmy Savile Investigation can be seen at 10.35pm on Wednesday night on ITV1/ITV1 HD,