Jonathan Ross Show: Cheryl Cole performs ‘Under The Sun’, sits on Tre Holloway’s knee and says she’s ‘frenemies’ with Simon Cowell!

by Lisa McGarry

Cheryl Cole has certainly been through it – she has a failed marriage behind her, battled Malaria, left the American X Factor and recently was involved in a car crash with Will-i-am but the star certainly seems to be smiling now. On The Jonathan Ross Show this week Jonathan asks her about the new man in her life, the car crash, her relationship with Ashley Cole and what really happened with American X Factor…

Speaking about the recent accident she was involved in, with her Black Eyed Peas manager, the ‘Promise This’ hitmaker admits:

“I’m actually absolutely fine. Will has a neck brace on but he’s also fine.”

Cheryl and Jonathan sit together on the sofa and re-enact the crash. “What did you say to Will?,” asks Jonathan. “I said to Will, ‘Well that was a f**king stupid thing to do’,” laughs Cheryl. And when asked if she’ll let Will-i-am drive her home again, Cheryl is quick to respond, “No. Never”.

Ross then moves on and decides to prove Cole on Tre, the dancer she is rumoured to be dating. The former X Factor judge proves quite coy and does everything possible to divert the conversation but there’s a glint in her eye, particularly as Tre is in the studio and later performs with her.

Here’s how the conversation goes….

Jonathan: “You look fabulous and you look pretty happy. You seem to be in quite a relaxed place right now?”

Cheryl: “I am.”

Jonathan: “Why is that? Is there someone new in your life?”

Cheryl: “It’s you Jonathan. You’re making me feel very comfortable and relaxed.”

Jonathan: “Are you single at the moment?”

Cheryl: “Single? I have a single out right now,” she cleverly diverts.

Jonathan: “Would you consider yourself a single girl in other ways?”

An audience member shouts: “Have you got a boyfriend?!”

Cheryl: “I am having a lot of fun right now and I’m a very happy person.”

Jonathan: “Who’s that gentleman there?,” asks Jonathan as a picture of Cheryl and Tre appears.

Cheryl: “I don’t know, but he’s handsome.”

Jonathan: “He’s a dancer I believe. Is he dancing with you this evening?”

Cheryl: “Actually I need to check what’s going on back there. Anyway, back to the single, Under the Sun.”

Jonathan then asked Cheryl if she will she be getting her Mrs C tattoo removed?

She replies:

“I have one on the back of my neck. It says Mrs C.”

“Are you going to get that change to Mr T or something?,” jokes Jonathan causing Cheryl to smile and slowly shake her head. “I’m still Mrs C,” says Cheryl.

Ohhh interesting!

Jonathan then asks Cheryl what really happened with American X Factor. Was she asked to leave because of her accent?

“No. It wasn’t because of my accent,” Cheryl insists. “That’s something you’ll have to ask Mr Cowell,” continues when Jonathan asks why.

On the subject of Simon Cowell, does Cheryl still speak to him? “I do talk to him every now and again,” she says. “We’re frenemies.”

Jonathan asks Cheryl about her plans for the future but she insists she doesn’t plan anymore. “I used to but not now, not since I got Malaria and all that stuff,” says Cheryl. “I don’t think like that anymore. It’s out of your control, you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

Cole then closes the show with a performance of her new single ‘Under the Sun’ which culminates in her sitting on dancer Tre’s knee.

Tune into the Jonathan Ross Show tonight to see the full interview and check out the chemistry between Cheryl and Tre yourself!