Joni Mitchell CRINGED at the thought of Taylor Swift playing her in a biopic!

by Emily H
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Photo by Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Photo by Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Whilst it seems like the whole world has Taylor Swift fever, Joni Mitchell isn’t feeling the love.

The Canadian singer songwriter has hit back at rumours that the ‘Shake It Off’ singer may be playing her in a new biopic, admitting that she “squelched” at the idea of the pop star playing her.

It was rumoured that Swift would be starring as Mitchell in the film ‘Girls Like Us,’ but in a new interview with The Sunday Times, Mitchell revealed that she told the producer of the film “all you’ve got is a girl with high cheekbones.” Ouch.

Taylor Swift

Swift has made no secret of her love for the ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ hit maker, even reportedly penning a song about her on her album ‘Red.’ According to Billboard magazine, her track ‘The Lucky One,’ which is all about a star who had it all, but after the media exposed her biggest secrets, she decided to leave her promising career behind.

Swift also revealed back in 2012 in an interview with TIME magazine, that she would love to play the singer. “I wish I could say it’s confirmed,” Swift admitted in the interview, “but the thing about movies that I’ve learned is – I’ve been reading scripts for five years, and you just don’t know what ones are going to get greenlit and which ones aren’t, so I can’t talk about it unless it’s the real thing.”

Taylor Swift at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last year

Taylor Swift at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year

“I would love to sign on to do a movie if it was the right role and if it was the right script,” she continued, “because I would be taking time away from music to tell a big grand story, and spend all of my time and pouring all of my emotions into being someone else.”

So just because she won’t be playing Joni Mitchell anytime soon, it certainly sounds like Swift is up for a role on the big screen.