Juan Pablo Galavis reveals his intentions for starring on ‘The Bachelor’

by Nick Barnes
Juan Pablo The Bachelor

Juan Pablo The Bachelor

The Bachelor is set to kick off next month and the man of the hour, Juan Pablo Galavis has already revealed his action plan…

The star has revealed that he really is looking for love on the forthcoming season of The Bachelor, so much so that he wants to marry.

As some of you will know, Juan previously competed on The Bachelorette but didn’t manage to get the lady of his dreams.

Speaking to Extra, Juan said: “I knew that this year I wanted to have a family and get married”.

Galavis already has a daughter but insists that he wants to have more children in the future if he finds the right partner.

“They have to be a good dancer,” he said of his perfect partner “I’ll teacher a little bit [of Spanish too].

“She has to take care of me, but understand my situation and love [my daughter] a lot because she’s going to be my princess forever”.

If you can’t wait for The Bachelor to kick off in 2014, you’ll be glad to know that ABC has announced plans for three specials.

Juan Pablo The Bachelor

Kicking off on Sunday, January 5, the network will air ‘The Bachelor: The Countdown; which will give us an insight into Juan’s life in Miami and we’ll also meet his four year old daughter, Camila.

Following on from that, another special behind the scenes episode will air at 8pm on January 12. The Bachelor: Behind the Scenes will follow the cast and crew of the show as they crash premiere viewing parties along with showing us extended footage of the new contestants. The special episode will also take a look at how the show is produced.

Finally, the third special of Juan-uary is called The Bachlor: Love Stories and will air at 8pm on January 19. The special will bring us to speed on all the love stories that have gone on through the years – will the relationships still be standing?

Also, don’t forget The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s Wedding on Sunday, January 26 at 8pm on ABC as we see Sean and Catherine tie the knot.

The Bachelor kicks off at 8pm on January 6 on ABC.

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