Julie Menzies & Zoe Hughes-Blinston swap diets in Supersize vs Superskinny


In this edition of Supersize vs Superskinny 42-year-old super snacker Julie Menzies and 24-year-old fussy eater Zoe Hughes-Blinston swap diets in an emotional swap.

Overweight Julie has made a profitable career out of being an award winning baker, but her job has led to her over consuming unhealthy and sugary treats on a far too regular basis and has seen her weight creep upwards to a huge 23 stone 11.

In comparison, Zoe is a manager of a busy fashion business and is so slight that she sometimes gets mistaken for a store mannequin.

On tonight’s show Julie breaks down in tears when she is informed of the medical effects her diet is having on her body and possible problems she will most likely run into in the future.

Elsewhere Zoe gets upset when she reveals that her eating issues have been prevalent ever since she was bullied as a teenager and admitted that people often assume that she has a disorder or illness.


Meanwhile, in America’s fattest town, Dr Christian meets with the owners of a local funeral parlour and investigates how they deal with bigger and bigger bodies.

Some of the solutions include double size coffins which require two burial plots, to having to cut off limbs to fit larger bodies in the cremation ovens.

Also, journalist Emma Woolf investigates eating disorders in men and interviews a male anorexia sufferer whose use of laxatives caused a major health scare.

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Tonight, 8PM, Channel 4

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