June 11th schedule changes for Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders – UPDATED

With our Best of British bulging summer almost upon us (well, the sun was out yesterday) a few changes to our regular viewing schedule was inevitable.

There is nothing worse than sitting down to watch your favourite soap only to find that a schedule change you weren’t aware of has engulfed your television screens, normally involving 22 men and a ball, so we thought we would give you the heads up as to how to plan your evenings now the football  fever has taken  hold of our great country!

So far those soaps confirmed as affected by the ceremonies and celebrations surrounding the two major events in the UK this summer, are the three mainstream ones, Emmerdale, EastEnders and Coronation Street.

So far amended schedules have been confirmed up until the 8th June, and are as follows:

Friday, June 1

7.00pm: Emmerdale
7.30pm: Coronation Street
8.30pm: Coronation Street
9.00pm: EastEnders (Original time 8.00pm)

Sunday, June 3
8.30pm: Coronation Street (to make up for the soap not being shown on June 8th)

Monday, June 4
7.00pm: Emmerdale
7.30pm: Coronation Street
8.30pm: Coronation Street
No EastEnders tonight.

Tuesday, June 5
7.00pm: Emmerdale
7.30pm: EastEnders

Wednesday, June 6
7.00pm: Emmerdale (Hour-long episode)
7.30pm: EastEnders (Hour-long episode)

Thursday, June 7
7.00pm: Emmerdale (only one episode)
7.30pm: EastEnders
8.00pm: Coronation Street (Hour-long episode)

Friday, June 8
6.45pm: Emmerdale (15 minute earlier than regular scheduling)
8.00pm: EastEnders
No Coronation Street tonight.

Monday June 11

8.00pm: Coronation Street (hour long episode)

No Emmerdale or Eastenders tonight!

Tuesday June 12

7.30pm: EastEnders

No Emmerdale tonight!

Wednesday June 13

7.30pm: Coronation Street

No Emmerdale tonight

Thursday June 14

6.45pm: Emmerdale (only one episode tonight)

7.30pm: EastEnders

No Coronation Street tonight

Friday June 15

7.30: Emmerdale

No Coronation Street or EastEnders tonight

There are bound to be more changes in the scheduling after this date, and as soon as we find out, you will!

And if you forget these new schedules, and tune in at the regular times, here is a sneak peek at what you might be watching instead: