Pink signs a new multi-album deal with recording label RCA

by Martin
Pink 2

Pink 2

It’s been a massive week for Pink! She only just performed at The Oscars a few days ago and today she’s spilled the beans on a brand new multi-album worldwide deal with RCA.

RCA announced the new deal earlier today (4th March) and Pink herself has commented on the news and sounds incredibly positive.

The length of the contract has not yet been revealed but by the sounds of things both parties seem to be in it for the long haul.

Releasing a statement on the new multi-album deal Pink said: “I am super duper excited to continue onwards and upwards with RCA and my team there. We work really well together and they care in a way that artists don’t get to see very often anymore.”

Pink 2

The ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ star added that she looks forward to what the future has to hold and that she is “beyond thrilled with how much they believe in me” before adding “Woohoo rock n roll!”.

RCA have also issued a statement in regards to the new deal with Peter Edge, the CEO of RCA saying that Pink is a “one-of-a-kind artist”.

Label president Tom Corson also commented on Pink saying she’s “in a league of her own” before adding that she has “upped the ante on what it takes to remain on top of the global stage.”

Pink 3

Pink recently confessed that her young daughter Willow is starting to pick up on her Mum’s songs before she goes to bed – though we hope it’s the clean versions.

The singer took to her twitter account recently and wrote: ”Putting my little girl to bed tonight while she sings herself to sleep… ‘So what… I’m a rock star… And I’m havin fun and so what’….”

This past Sunday (2nd March) Pink gave an outstanding performance of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ at The Oscars live from Hollywood. If you haven’t seen the performance yet then check it out below.