Justin Bieber changes name to ‘Bizzle’ – ready for a new rap career?

by Martin
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He’s had a bit of a rough time as of late but it appears like Justin Bieber has changed his name, though not legally we assume and only through his Instagram account.

We’re not sure whether it’s because he wants to try something different musically, he just got bored or if it’s just some sort of clever marketing ploy but Justin Bieber is now ‘Bizzle’ in Instagram. Oh Justin.

On his official Twitter page he’s still Justin Bieber and we don’t imagine that ‘Bizzle’ is a legal name change though, with everything else that’s been going on, nothing could really surprise us anymore.

This change obviously sent his entire fanbase into a meltdown and we can only speculate that perhaps he wants to distance himself from the whole Justin Bieber brand and try something different.

Justin 'Bizzle' Bieber

“For now” was a reply one fan received when they tweeted the name change to ‘Bizzle’ and recently he’s sparked some discussion after he confessed he’d been working with rapper TI in the studio.

Justin has confirmed that this name change won’t be forever which makes us question even more what the point of it all is, is he going to be using ‘Bizzle’ as an alias?

Is he just giving us something different to talk about other than his recent arrests and run-ins with the police? Who knows but at least it’s not a permanent name change.


In other Justin Bieber, sorry Bizzle news, 17-year-old American singer/dancer Katherine Gazda was reportedly in a relationship with Bieber but has now spoken out and denied the rumours and reports.

Putting all those rumours to bed the 17-year old told her Twitter followers that she herself was a Belieber and while it was an “honour” to have her name next to his it was all “a LIE” and that she’d never even met him.

Why do you think Justin Bieber has changed his name on Instagram?, do you think Bizzle is a new alias? Is he the next rap superstar? Let us know in the comments below.

Justin Bieber has been known to rap in the past but what do you think, can he pull it off? Check out the video below and let us know!