Justin Lee Collins Bring Back Goonies Is Axed

Justin Lee Collins

Justin Lee Collins Channel 4 Bring Back…….series has been axed due to low ratings.

The show has seen Collins try to reunite the cast of Star Wars, Dallas and Fame with questionable results. In the case of Star Wars he only managed to bring back some minor cast members, one of which was actually cut from most of the movie.

The last episode ‘Bring Back Star Trek’, managed just 1.4 million viewers despite the new Star Trek movie having just hit the cinemas.

A show source told The Sun: “Bring Back is not a cheap enterprise so understandably Channel 4 wanted big ratings.

“It’s not been a flop by any means but in the current climate the bosses need to spend wisely. In the old days when the channel was more flush it would have survived.

“It’s a shame but Justin’s a big boy — he knows how it all works.”

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