Justin Preston fronts Britain’s Secret Shoppers – Channel 4

by Lisa McGarry

secret shoppers

Britain’s Secret Shoppers launches on Channel 4 this evening and aims to help British viewers get the most from their money.

Justin Preston fronts the new series and will advise shoppers as they hit the high streets to get the best deals, he’ll even equip them with secret ear pieces and cameras so he can communicate with his subjects at all times and pass on his timely advice when they most need it.

Justin won’t just be looking at groceries either, but he’ll be guiding consumers through the minefield of purchasing a new car, designing a kitchen and bagging some new designer togs.

Preston will also offer his expertise to ailing business and step behind the counter to explain his own formula that he has named the ‘profit principle’. He believes his new strategy can help shops boost their sales and customer numbers, by giving the punters what they want.

He will also meet experts from various industries throughout the series, who will reveal the best way for shoppers to pick up a bargain in their sector.

And in every episode Justin will also work with Which? to get the lowdown on which deals are best, which products are worth their cash and what’s better to be avoided.

On tonight’s show Justin meets Jan, who needs a new car but can’t afford the posh one she really wants.

She tries to haggle with a car dealer alone but gets nowhere. This is where Justin steps in and gives his bargain hunting crash course, before she makes a second attempt at saving herself thousands of pounds.

Also, Justin goes undercover in The Dollshouse,whose owners Cat and Mark, badly need assistance in bringing their business out of the red. And Which? reveals some raw deals at the supermarket for those hoping to purchase the recommended five a day fruit and vegetables.

Tonight, 8PM, Channel 4. Leave your comments below….


  1. Manny on February 15, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    I found that the customer buying the new car was disgusting, the she was very rude to the salesmen who was just doing his job, they are tasked to follow certain selling processes before sell the customer a car then to ask to speak to the general manager really. These programs just highlight the point that the we have no respect for people, that’s why dealers are closing garages, and people are out of work, profit is their to maintain the policy if money go round, every business has to pay employees and overheads. More businesses are closing in Britain because the wrong message us being delivered.

  2. DanS1976 on February 16, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    I think the previous comment is utter b******t, clearly written by a car sales person – problem isn’t with people being rude it’s with greedy companies and greedy sales persons taking massive commissions , paying very little tax using avoidance on their earnings there as good as criminals I think it’s about time consumers stood up to these greedy c***ts and #GrowSomeBalls as Justin Preston put it, couldn’t agree more – well done channel4 for commissioning this show , it’s about time someone stood up for business and consumers against greedy criminals and cowboys

  3. Manny on February 18, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    DanS1976, You are wrong, I am not a car salesman, but I work in the motor industry, people like you need to wake up to what’s been happening in this country, the banks have been greedy, businesses have to pay high interest hence the profit that they have to generate, it sounds like you have been in the car sales side of it and ripped people off that’s how you know so much B******T, every business that trades then must rip customers off and are greedy C***ts.
    Maybe we ask Justin with the balls to go back speak to the general manager and find out how much profit he made on that deal !! lest see if that happens!!

  4. Eileen Earnshaw on March 7, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    Just watched the March6th programme with great interest as I will be taking a busload of people for a 4 night five day trip to Lllandudno in October and I want to get the best deal I can for them.I’m going to try and follow the suggestions.If you have any more tips to pass on please please do.

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