Justin Timberlake delays interview to spend time with a fan?

by Martin


Normally if a star like Justin Timberlake ditches an interview with a member of the media you would hope it would be because of a family emergency or personal matter, not to visit a fan, right?

What about if that fan is part of the Make A Wish Foundation? We all know the charity which helps children with life-threatening realise their dreams by meeting their heroes.

Well that’s exactly what Justin Timberlake did.

On Tuesday Justin Timberlake was scheduled to take part in a live interview with a radio station in New York City. On his way to the interview Justin met Tina DiLascio.

Tina’s 13 year old daughter Giana recently had surgery on a very serious blockage in her pituitary gland on her brain last year and after Tina told the musician about her daughters bravery over the past year Justin asked to meet her.

0827-justin-timberlake-tmz-3Giana was waiting outside the building where the interview was meant to take place. According to TMZ Tina raced outside to take her daughter inside to meet Justin Timberlake who was more than happy to wait to meet her.

The pair chatted for a few minutes during which Justin asked the young fan if she was able to watch his performance during Sunday nights MTV VMAs.

The 13 year old told Justin that she enjoyed seeing him on stage as he sung a medley of his greatest hits and was just as excited to see him as he reunited with former *NSYNC bandmates as they performed their smash hit ‘Bye Bye Bye’.

0827-justin-timberlake-tmz-sub-3According to TMZ Giana told Justin Timberlake that he was the “next Michael Jackson”. The star was shocked at the compliment and he bowed his head and thanked the girl.

Moments before Justin has to leave to take part in his interview with the radio station the girls mother asked if they could get a photograph together.

Justin joked that the photo would only be taken if she made the picture her screen saver.

Before he left to go indoors the star told the 13 year old to “be well” and gave her a hug before heading indoors.

Watch the official video for Justin Timberlake’s hit ‘Mirrors’ from earlier this year.