Karen Gillan: “Doctor Who isn’t sexy”

Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond – Doctor Who’s new assistant – has denied that this series of the hit show is “sexy.”

She was responding to some viewer complaints that the simmering sexual tension between her character and the Doctor – who is of course played by Matt Smith – was making the show less suitable for family entertainment.

Criticism was specifically aimed at a scene in which Amy tried to seduce the Time Lord.

Karen told the Daily Mirror, “We’re not sending out bad messages because the Doctor isn’t reciprocating…

“And actually, people who do find that quite raunchy; really?”

Karen went on to joke about the screen kiss she shared with Matt Smith and compared it to kissing her on-screen fiancé Rory, who’s played by Arthur Darvill.

She said, “I bring the best out in them. For the Christmas special? Who knows?

“Another kiss would be fine.”

So what do you think? Is Doctor Who too raunchy these days or do you think kids watch far worse than a couple of screen kisses?

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