Karen Gillan says she is sad to be moving on from Doctor Who, but buzzing about new projects!

As Britain sheds a tear over the exit of Karen Gillan from Doctor Who this year, it seems as though she is missing the show as much as it is missing her.

Gillan – who is set to leave her role as the Doctor’s sidekick, Amy Pond , along with her on-screen husband Rory Williams, played by Arthur Darvil in what show writer, Steven Moffat has described as a truly heartbreaking exit, during the fifth episode of series seven of the iconic BBC sci-fi drama – was out and about for the night at the Scottish Fashion Awards, where she spoke to stv.tv about leaving her role.

She said:

“It was so sad. It was this bittersweet thing cause I’m really excited to move onto other things, I’m actually going on to do a film in Glasgow which I’m really excited about, but yeah it was so sad cause I’m leaving my best friends in a weird way.”

Fans of the stunning red-head will be pleased to know however, that she won’t be absent from our screens for too long.  Gillan is set to return to her Scottish roots to film a new romantic movie – Not Another Happy Ending – in Glasgow, in which she will play an eccentric novelist suffering from writers block, following a huge bout of success in he career.

Gillan was attending the awards, dressed in a  Twenty8Twelve shirt dress unaware until the night that she had been nominated for the award for Scottish Fashion Icon of the Year.

She said: “It would be a huge honour to win an award like that and really unexpected. I honestly didn’t think I would be nominated for anything wearing the clothes I wear.”

Gillan’s shock of being nominated soon turned to joy, when the Scottish actress was announced the winner of the award!

Watch the interview in the clip below: