“Kate Middleton’s no fashion icon” says Mary Portas

by Lisa McGarry

Mary Portas has branded the female cabinet members an ‘ugly bunch’.

In an outspoken interview with this week’s heat magazine, Mary said: “If I were PM I’d bloody restyle all those women. I mean, the female cabinet, what an ugly bunch. I would restyle them. Do you know, I could not look at them. I couldn’t look at them! I go in for meetings now and they do dress up for my meetings, but I just want to go, “Pleeease. No. Not that necklace. Not that skirt.””

She added: “You look at French women and they’re, like, wow, aren’t they? What do we have? I’d say let’s just put a bit of sex and glamour in there.”

Mary also admits to being a big fan of Dragon’s Den panelist Hilary Devey. She revealed: “I’ve become a big Hilary Devey fan. That voice after 60 fags… That can only be 60 fags. In a camp way, it suits her, doesn’t it? In a really camp way, it slightly borders on caricature and ’80s glamour and power dressing. What can you say? It’s her. I wouldn’t restyle her. I think the press were a bit mean at first, but they’ve come to like her, because she’s good on that show and seems like a good person. She wants to cut back on the fags, though, because she won’t be able to do this much longer.”

She added: “Funnily enough, someone said to me recently, “Oh, Hilary Devey would really love to meet you.” I just think we’d have a really good laugh.”

Commenting on Kate Middleton’s status as a fashion icon, Mary doesn’t hold back. “Is that fashion?”, she said. “I think she’s done an incredible job globally, but I do not know how you can say she is a fashion icon. I just don’t get that.”

The full interview appears in this week’s heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).