Katherine Jenkins blasted by Emily Savage on Katie Piper: My Beautiful Friends

Katherine Jenkins was upset to be mentioned on last night’s Katie Piper: My Beautiful Friends on Channel 4.

Emily Savage appeared on the documentary and hit out at the opera star, over comments she reportedly made in a recent interview.

An interview conducted by a foreign journalist was translated for a Sunday newspaper and in it Katherine appeared to be complaining that her credibility and career is affected by how pretty and good looking she is.

Speaking about the article in last night’s episode, Emily said:

“It really annoyed me when Katherine Jenkins came out and said it was very difficult being beautiful because people don’t take her seriously. I am going to feel sorry for Katherine Jenkins? Get over it! Would she prefer to look like me? Does she want to swap lives?”

Katherine was watching the show at home and was horrified to be mentioned in this way. She instantly took to twitter to set the record straight and wrote:

“That was taken from an interview with a foreign journalist who totally misunderstood & misquoted me. Gutted this girl would think that of me.”

She then sent three tweets to Katie Piper herself saying:

“Hi Katie. Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your programme on C4 tonight. I was however distressed when my name”

“…was mentioned & that I had said ‘it’s hard being beautiful’. This is a misquote from a foreign interview. It’s important to me”

“…that Emily knows I didn’t & would never say that. Please pass that on to her if you can. Thank you x”

Emily read her message and replied saying:

“Hi, I’m really sorry if it was a misquote. I know these things do happen. It wasn’t meant be an attack on you personally but illustrate how people complain about silly things.”

“I’m really sorry if it caused you embarrassment or distress, that was really not my intention. Good luck wit everything and congrats on the engagement xx”