by Lisa McGarry


This year, acid attack survivor Katie Piper will deliver Channel 4’s traditional alternative to the Queen’s Christmas Day broadcast.

The message will join Katie at home with her parents as she considers the extraordinary response to the remarkable Cutting Edge documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face which followed her story from life as a beautiful, budding TV presenter to the horror of a vicious acid attack by her ex-boyfriend.

Reflecting on her progress over the last 12 months, her message will be one of hope and optimism. With key themes including the importance of family and of accepting those who look different, the message will see a contemplative and more confident Katie, with big plans for the New Year ahead…

Press Contact: Gavin Dawson, Channel 4: 020 7306 8165; gdawson@channel4.co.uk

Notes to eds

Katie: My Beautiful Face aired to critical and public acclaim on Channel 4 on October 29th.

Katie was young and beautiful. A model and budding TV presenter, the 24-year-old had a glowing future ahead of her. But in 2008 a vicious acid attack destroyed her face – and with it her career and life as she knew it. More than a year on, and having undergone countless operations and rounds of physiotherapy, she chose to give up her anonymity and tell her story for the first time. Including CCTV footage of the attack, this remarkable Cutting Edge film followed Katie as she underwent pioneering treatment and took the first steps to re-build her life, while two men stood trial for the horrific assault. In the film Katie bravely spoke about what happened with compelling frankness, surprising humour and an extraordinary lack of self-pity as she strived to come to terms with losing her beauty and starting a new life with a new face. www.channel4.com/cuttingedge

First airing in 1993, Channel 4’s traditional alternative to The Queen’s Christmas Day broadcast has previously featured an illustrious and varied selection of presenters, including the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, an injured veteran from the war in Afghanistan, Quentin Crisp, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Doreen and Neville Lawrence, Genelle Guzman, a 9/11 survivor and The Simpsons.