Katy Perry reveals how she’ll be spending this holiday season

by Martin
Katy Perry


Christmas is fast approaching here in the UK, some countries like Australia have already began celebrating but we’ve got a few hours to go here.

Celebrities including Katy Perry are also looking forward to chilling out for the day as it’s probably one of the only days in a year where they actually get to do absolutely nothing.

Most celebrities- okay all of them are incredibly busy throughout the year even if they’re not in the news so it’s nice for even them to have some chill out time.

Katy Perry is coming back to the UK after spending a few weeks here recently (X Factor performance etc) for her ‘Prismatic World Tour’

The ‘Firework’ beauty explained how she plans on spending her Christmas and admitted that she’ll be laying low and eating plenty of festive treats.

Katy Perry 2

Katy said: “I have to rest during Christmas because I kick off my tour in May (14) and there’s about three months of rehearsals and prep.”

“I basically just eat and hibernate and eat and hibernate… and spontaneously pass out on the couch. It’s a very normal Christmas.”

She continued: “I’ve got muffin tops everywhere. My whole body is made of muffin tops.”

Katy Perry while over in the UK spoke quite a bit about her tour next year and revealed that she’ll be closer to fans than ever before.

Katy Perry NRJ

Confessing that it will be like nothing she’s ever done before she said: “The Prismatic world is what I’ll be offering you, my world that is very Prismatic! I love that I’m kicking it off here in the UK, so much so, because I’ve never done that and it raises the bar for me. I’m just really excited.”

She added: “I just did a big tour meeting yesterday and saw the graphic drawing of the stage and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen for any other artist and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done. It’s different, it’s fresh, it’s clean and it’s actually in the middle of the audience it feels like.”

Katy Perry also recently spoke about a possible collaboration with Rihanna but revealed that the pair wouldn’t release anything until they were sure it was a masterpiece.

Watch as Katy Perry performed ‘Unconditionally’ on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man this past Friday.