Katy Perry on self confidence and not paying attention to what others think

by Martin


Katy Perry is one of the biggest performers right now. She performs on TV, in venues across the world and in front of millions on a regular basis.

You’d think that her confidence wouldn’t be an issue. Even considering some of the racy outfits she wears but apparently she has had some confidence issues until she realised how to get over it all.

Katy Perry released her new album ‘Prism’ back in October and has released two singles from it already – ‘Roar’ and ‘Unconditionally’.

She’s had an incredible year and 2014 is set to be even bigger as she embarks on her ‘Prismatic World Tour’ which will also see her bring the tour to the UK.

Katy Perry

Speaking with Joy magazine however Katy Perry opened up about all things relating to confidence and said that she realised to become more confident that she had to ignore what everyone else thought.

The singer said: “I am the captain of my career. But I am also Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, which is my real name.”

Perry also added that her image as a celebrity is all part of the popstar package and isn’t really her: “My image is just something superficial. I also try not to pay attention to what other people think of me.”

Katy Perry Cannes

The songstress also revealed that those comments used to bother her and said: “I used to have Google alerts set up, which would notify me about everything that was being written about me. But I’ve stopped all that now. After all; there are more important things in life.”

Katy Perry’s second single from ‘Prism’ was ‘Unconditionally’ and Katy Perry has released a behind the scenes video of how the music video was created.

What do you think? Should Katy Perry worry about confidence, should anyone? Is this the kind of world we live in when people worry so much what negative comments they’re getting that they rely on Google Alerts?