Kelly Brook & Holly Willoughby start the boob and bum battle in Celebrity Juice promo & Keith Lemon’s gagging for it!

by Lisa McGarry

holly willoughby kelly brook

Kelly Brook has had a lot to contend with in recent weeks, what with Katie Price criticising her lady curves and some slightly unflattering photographs finding their way into the newspapers but we have to say, the brunette beauty looks FIT in this latest video.

The model has been confirmed as a new team captain for Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice, replacing Fearne Cotton while she enjoys her maternity leave, and in this promo for the new series she looks smoking hot as she struts her way into the host’s office.

Brook is joined by Holly Willoughby, her new co star, who is championing her for the job and poor old Keith can barely get a breath, never mind utter a word as the two busty beauties approach his desk, making the best of the nearby wind machine.

However infatuated as he is with Kelly, Lemon wasn’t letting her off easily and testing if she could take the same amount of abuse that her predecessor often took he joked:

‘You know you’re not as fit I remember.’

She held her own though and responded:

holly willoughby kelly brook 1

‘Well you’re a lot gingerer than I remember.’

We think Brook is going to fit in perfectly don’t you?

She’s feeling pretty positive today and tweeted her friends after the ITV2 announcement was made, saying:

“Very blessed to have such wonderful inspiring Friends. Positive and pro active making there dreams a reality x”

Keith commented: “I really didn’t think we could replace Fearne Cotton but now we’ve got Kelly Brook I hope Fearne don’t come back. Only joking – hope you have a smooth delivery Fearne – miss you. The two main reasons we’ve chosen Kelly Brook are obvious – her bangers. Just hope Holly don’t get jealous.”

kelly brook

Kelly said: “Celebrity Juice is my favourite show! I’m really excited to be working alongside my friends Keith and Holly, and will have a lot of fun keeping Fearne’s seat warm until she returns.”

The new series of Celebrity Juice starts Thursday 28th of February at 10pm on ITV2.