Kevin Costner speaks of his and Whitney Houston’s shared bond at Whitney’s funeral…

by Lisa McGarry

Kevin Costner paid tribute to his friend and former colleague Whitney Houston at her funeral in Newark today.

The American actor of course starred with the legendary singer in their hit movie The Bodyguard and taking to the pulpit this afternoon, he sapoke emotionally, telling the congregation:

This feels right, I’d like to thank Cissy and Dionne for the honour of being here.

The song I will Always Love You almost wasn’t. It wasn’t supposed to be in the movie, the first choice was ‘What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted’ but it had been out the year before and we thought it wouldn’t have the impact for us.

Turning to Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, Costner spoke of his and her mom’s common bond and continued:

Your mother and I had a lot in common, I know many at this moment are thinking “really?”. You’re a girl, she’s a boy, you’re white, she’s black…so what am I talking about?

We both grew up in a Baptist church, mine wasn’t as big as this. My grandmother led the choir and my mother and aunt sang in it. The rest of the family sat out front and watched.

The church was the centre of our social life and Whitney and I laughed as we knew it was also a place where you could get into big trouble. Whitney’s favourite story of mine was me sneaking into the room behind the altar after communion, as I loved the little glasses of grape juice and one by one I would knock them back.

It was easy for us to laugh, the church is what we knew, it was our private bond.

It was a touching and emotional outpouring of love and respect from Kevin….